Why are drones so cool?


I mean, okay, they can fly. But is that enought to became worlds top selling toy? Not only toy, but it became usefull tool for professionals. I can’t name single professional photographer in Los Angeles that don’t have at least one drone. All of them have top grade drones and several extra batteries. How cool that is? I have to admit, I was one of those who bought drone to their kids for last Christmas, and I’m pretty sure I’ll do the same this Christmas again. I hope my kids are not reading this because in that case it won’t be surptise for them 🙂

I remember when I was a kid how fascinated I was when I saw RC car for the first time in my life. I imediately asked my parents to buy me one.. of course they didn’t. First, they were so expensive, and second you couldn’t just buy it because they weren’t manufacturing big amouth of them. Neverming, RC cars are past anyways.. Now all kids want that little buzzy flying machine – quadcopter. I was searching youtube for “usage of drones” term and I have to say there are some very interesting videos to see. Sometimes I just can’t believe how creative some people are. There are some guys that created firefighting drone. It can actually carry water or whatever it is and drop it on fire. Now I’m asking you again, how cool that is?

Here’s a video, take a look if you’re interested. Do any of you guys have experience in building drones? If yes, do you think you could build something similar to this drone showed in video? To be honest, I’m thinking about building one drone by myself. It’s actually very popular hobby here in place where I live and it seems to be extremely interesting. I mean, you always give your best to create something better than what you built last time. You’re constantly moving forward and improving things.. which is cool by itself. I hope some of you guys will share your toughts with me using comment form on Contact us page!

What’s the best drone under $300?

There are many quality and powerful drones under $300 that can be found at the market.


It is hard to choose one drone and say „This one is best that you can found under $300“ because we have to many good quadcopters and everyone is in some category better that others.These are not low-budget drones and they have quality camera, they are capable to carry Go Pro camera and they have some interesting features that can’t be found in low-budget drones.

First place and title of „Best drone under $300“ goes to PARROT AR DRONE 2.0.

parrot-bebopIt comes in three different version(Jungle,Sand and Snow).Interesting thing about this drone is that it doesn’t come with controller and you navigate it by your IOS or Android mobile device which is connected with drone by WiFi hotspot generated by drone itself.720 p HD FPV camera is built in, and with control range of 130 meters, flight time between 8 to 10 minutes it is best drone you can found for under $300.